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Magnetic Lashes - Full Eye - 3 Pieces

$ 28.99 $ 84.99

Introducing a brand new style launch in magnetic lashes! Full length 3-piece lashes. Perhaps you have tried the half lash wishing it were a full length? Perhaps you've tried the full length finding them too heavy and difficult to put on? Here we've brought you the best of both styles without the problems. 

These lashes have 3 separate lash pieces: One is full length to be placed on top of your natural lashes, the other two are small magnet pieces to be placed at the outsides corners, underneath your natural lashes. This allows you better ease in attaching one magnet at a time while still having full coverage.   

Beautiful, full lashes are IN and they aren't going out. Enjoy more dramatic lashes all day without the hassle of messy glue-ons or the time and expense of costly extensions. These high-quality lashes feature two layers with micro magnets that sandwich your natural lash, creating a fuller, longer, more dramatic look that will open up those beautiful eyes of yours and make them pop. Similar look to extensions without the all the time, money, and fuss!   

Multiple Uses. Clean with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. Mascara is not required but if you find the magnets not hugging your lid line, or sliding off, mascara may help them blend and stick to the lash line. Please be patient as you learn to apply the lashes, it takes a little practice. Comes in a hard-shell, compact style, magnetic case--perfect for keeping your lashes safe and clean, especially when traveling. Comes in a set of two lashes (one 3-piece set for your right eye, one 3-piece set for your left eye).

Silk Lashes

3 pieces for easier application.

Covers full eye - 2.8cm - w/ less bulk

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