Avenue Be Launches Today!

It has been long awaited and long anticipated for us, and we hope it is just as exciting for you. Our online store is officially open and our daily deals and instashopping on Instagram starts today. If you have not already, head on over there to check it out and be sure to follow us.

Be fast! All items at @shopavenuebe are FIRST PAID, FIRST SERVED. Once you comment on an item with your email address, you will receive an invoice within two minutes in your email inbox. But you need to act fast because the item isn't guaranteed yours until you've finished the transaction. There are no holds and no waiting list. (However, if there is a lot of demand for an item, we'll do our best to restock as quickly as possible and contact customers who wanted it.)

Be rewarded! Don't forget that you can win one of three beautiful chevron necklaces posted on our site. For every friend you tag to one of our posts before midnight tonight (Wednesday, Sept. 9th) you will earn an entry into our #giveaway --so be sure to share with your friends ASAP!

Be reassured. We are a small company and we're just getting started, so the inventory of our opening lineup is limited in quantity. However, don't despair if an item you want sells out. Go ahead and leave a comment on a sold out item's post, expressing your interest (and size). If there's enough interest in that item, we will do our best to restock quickly and will contact you when the item becomes available again. As we grow, we hope to offer much larger quantities to begin with in the future.

Be prepared! Shopping on @shopavenuebe is as easy as can be. If you see an item you want posted to our Instagram, all you have to do is comment on that item's post with your size and email address to purchase. An invoice will automatically be sent to your email. No need to follow a link, or search our website for the items you want. Easy peasy, right? (Be sure to pay ASAP because, as we said above, it's first paid first served.) We're so excited to share our easy #instashopping with you!

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